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Clean up your Social Media Feed

Have you ever heard the phrase “Show me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who you are”? On our way to personal growth, sometimes we have to make decisions about who we relate and connect to. What… Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Sleeping Quality

A while ago, I started to get interested in the science of sleep and how it affects our productivity and quality of life. I began to understand that doing small tasks during the day and before going to sleep helps a… Continue Reading →

Water Kefir from A Kiwi and a Gaucho

During our stay with French friends on their farm in Brittany, France, we were introduced to an exciting beverage: Water Kefir. We made it, and drank it, for about a week. It is a tasty and healthy beverage that you… Continue Reading →

30-Day Challenge of Morning Meditation

Meditation offers an extensive list of potential benefits such as increased productivity, creativity, immunity, empathy and memory—at the same time, decreasing anxiety, tension and stress. All in exchange for a small moment (or moments) of your day, it sounds almost too… Continue Reading →

A Kiwi and a Gaucho – Karaoke Carpool Series II – Fortune Faded (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)

A Kiwi and a Gaucho – Karaoke Carpool Series II – Fortune Faded (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) NOTE: We are raising money in order to stop singing, we will accept your contributions to make us stop singing!

A Kiwi and a Guacho Karaoke Carpool Series I – Lost Stars (Adam Levine)

A Kiwi and a Gaucho Karaoke Carpool Series I – Lost Stars (Adam Levine) Many hours driving in Australia should be filled with something fun to do, so here’s the result of these long drives that we made!   NOTE:… Continue Reading →

Crónicas Australianas!

Mantener dos blogs de viaje al mismo tiempo mientras estas viajando, buscando wifi decente y trabajo puede ser complicado, pero acá vuelvo nuevamente con otra entrega de las famosas y clásicas (?) Crónicas del Camino, como ya saben, esta vez… Continue Reading →

Way to Mildura

Way to Mildura and the Citrus Picking Before heading Mildura we made a short trip to Mount Danenong which was recommended by Jared, our personal camper advisor who helped set up the van. Mt. Danenong is the highest point on… Continue Reading →

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