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10 km Walk Vs. Ten Mins by car to Mont Saint-Michel

The accumulation of mud dripping from my boots intensified with each step I took. The sun was disappearing, the further away the silhouette of Mont Saint-Michel was, the closer we were—but it was getting dark and the salt marshes were making… Continue Reading →

Exploring Paris with Victor Hugo

To celebrate the birthday of France’s most valued writer we decided to explore Victor Hugo’s Paris. We visited the top five spots to get a taste for Hugo’s life and work. We began at the end, his resting place. PANTHÉON:… Continue Reading →

Water Kefir from A Kiwi and a Gaucho

During our stay with French friends on their farm in Brittany, France, we were introduced to an exciting beverage: Water Kefir. We made it, and drank it, for about a week. It is a tasty and healthy beverage that you… Continue Reading →

We Are Not Afraid #Barcelona #LasRamblas

“There was an attempt. In Plaza Catalunya. A moment ago. You’re at home, right?” I was at home, working quietly on my computer. Unbeknown to me that only 20 minutes away, where we had been the evening before, terror was… Continue Reading →

A Stand Against Illegal Tourist Apartments #fairtourismBCN

Last year alone the price of rental properties in Barcelona rose by 16%. Locals blame the tourists, in particular, the rising price and attractiveness to make more money from using rental apartments for tourism. In Barcelona, you need to have… Continue Reading →

A Festival to Celebrate the Horror of Film

I feel a touch on my shoulder, Freddy is creeping behind me. I recoil in fear. As I jump back a clown is behind me laughing – not the kind of laughter where you join in but an evil toned grimace that makes… Continue Reading →

Melbourne Street Art

Melbourne is well-know for its culture of coffee, food and street art. Here are some art works that we came across while walking the streets of Melbourne.

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