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Kiwi Slang

Hey Bro! Thinking about my last year in New Zealand and all the new words that a ‘gaucho’ can learn, we decided to put some of them together for you, our dearest readers!   Kia Ora: Hi or Good luck! A… Continue Reading →

Australian Slang!

G´Day mate!! Just preparing us for the big journey, nothing better to understand how Australian speaks! We’ll be updating this article soon mate! A General Aussie Slang:   A Sex related Slang:   What others word do you know about… Continue Reading →

Argentine Slang

What’s up ‘Boludo’? If you ever go to Argentina, you may want to feel like a truly ‘gaucho’ or ‘porteño’, so here are some Argentine slang words and sayings that you can learn! Just so you know, the word for… Continue Reading →

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