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Final Days Down Under

2017 is going to be the year. I believe this with more conviction now as an email arrives saying my Working Holiday Visa for Spain has been issued – the last step in my road to Barcelona! Australian days ended sooner than expected as… Continue Reading →

Leaving the Hi-Vis Crew

Monday morning at 6.25am I take the long commute past Port Adelaide to the outskirts of the city. Alongside me is traffic with an easy flow. As I look down from my campervan I recognise a similarity between me and my… Continue Reading →

Travel: Is an Openness that Sometimes Slaps You in the Face

An impressionable feeling of unimportance creeps in after our latest episode. At the end of the day a feeling of disillusion is overcome by the experience it offers. This is a life, an experience, another view of the world. A… Continue Reading →

Exploring Farmers Markets South of Adelaide

One weekend, once there were a few dollars in our pocket, we decided to explore the Farmers Markets of the area. Even though we did not end up buying one bit of vegetable or fruit (usually the point of visiting a… Continue Reading →

A Festival to Celebrate the Horror of Film

I feel a touch on my shoulder, Freddy is creeping behind me. I recoil in fear. As I jump back a clown is behind me laughing – not the kind of laughter where you join in but an evil toned grimace that makes… Continue Reading →

More Argentinian than Australian – Global Love

One year to this day there was a change in the life of a Kiwi. One year to this day a Kiwi met a Gaucho. Moving to Napier, New Zealand was a chance to start a new life away from… Continue Reading →

VanLife Food

Easy, Fast, Tasty in VanLife Food When living out of the back of a van you need to think differently about the meals you prepare and the kitchen apparatus you use. You need to think easy, fast and most importantly… Continue Reading →

The Dark Side of the Van Life

From state to state we search: Work: After 2 weeks in Melbourne and setting up Rocky we were ready to hit the road. After being told by a few people that there was plenty of seasonal work, and lining up… Continue Reading →

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