Have you ever heard the phrase “Show me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who you are”? On our way to personal growth, sometimes we have to make decisions about who we relate and connect to.

What we see on social media also plays an important role in our development—in this short post, we’ll explore ways to improve your social media experience by getting rid of negative and unhelpful content in your feed and incorporating positive and inspiring content.

An important note : I believe social media is the last thing you need to focus on for productivity. Spending time on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is not going to get you far, but we aren’t machines and we need moments for relaxing and connecting with others. It’s better to have curated social media content to keep us on track to our personal growth.

We’ll go through the major social media channels and make some recommendations:


Many would say that giving up Facebook would be the most healthy thing to do, and probably it is. I’m not at that stage yet, though I managed to ‘clean up’ my facebook for seeing the things that add real value.


  • Unlike pages and unfollow groups that are no longer relevant to you.
  • Remove people from your network who aren’t helpful or positive. Spammers, haters, people who complain about everything, etc… 
  • Add to your Favourites the groups that you’d like to see more content from.
  • Edit the Notifications Settings to manage your notifications. You can choose to not receive notifications, receive notifications for all posts, friends posts or just highlights.
  • Like inspirational pages, follow influencers and people you believe in.
  • Use the options “See first” for the pages that have the most frequent and inspiring content.
  • If you don’t want to see posts of that friend that is always posting how great his or her life just click the option to see less of that person.
  • Revoke permissions for various games and apps that you no longer use: Go to “Settings” and then to the “Apps” section to see what apps you have logged into with your Facebook account. Remove the ones you don’t need.


  • The best advice here is to create lists for your interests. This is by far the best way I found to be organized on the people and topics I follow. Create a list for a topic or subject, follow and add to the list the top people and accounts of that subject.
  • Use TweetDeck or other systems to visualize your lists in a better way.


  • Same here as in every other social network, unfollow negative people, follow influencers, inspirational leaders and people who are doing what you want to achieve
  • You can also follow hashtags. Examples like: #healthylifestyle #nutrition #running #sportlifestyle #inspirationalquotes


  • Follow influencers that you like.
  • Remove older interests and follow new ones.
  • Make sure your contact information is updated so clients and other people can get in touch.


  • Subscribe to channels with high-frequency publishing that teach you what you want to learn, like new languages, about certain topics, or tips for life (A Kiwi and A Gaucho channel maybe?).


Call to Action

We’ve covered the most popular social media sites. If you’re really interested in becoming your best self, a quick clean up of your social media is a positive step forward in your journey, so I encourage you to do it now. Remember, it’s all about making the most of your spare time, but if you don’t want to read a book or listen to a podcast, make sure you have something productive to watch or read in your feeds on social media.