It’s drastically easy to get carried away with food or habits that aren’t good for us.

The level of toxins in our everyday life can have negative effects on our organism creating fatigue, weight gain, muscle aches and pains, and constipation. Sometimes our natural detox processes are insufficient to deplete all these naughty toxins. 

So how would it feel to push refresh once in a while?

A juice detox allows you to do just that. It’s a little rest from the system, from processing solids, by replacing normal meals with liquid meals. This allows a detoxification of the body.

I completed a two-day juice detox program with Nutri Boost, to see if I could reboot my system after some recent overindulging.

NB: This is an outline of the benefits, what to expect and my personal experience. I’d recommended the assistance of a nutritionist before your detox to ensure you are getting the right level of nutrients during the detox.

The juices!

The juices prepared with nutrients in mind!

Firstly, let’s look at the reactions your body may have.

Every experience is different but POTENTIAL benefits are:

  • strengthened immune system
  • improved levels of concentration and mental clarity
  • weight loss
  • rejuvenated skin
  • reduced sugar cravings
  • decrease in allergies
  • improved digestion
  • cellulite reduction
  • normalised blood pressure
  • decreased muscular inflammation.

That all sounds quite nice, but there are also some POTENTIAL side effects that you need to be aware of:

  • nausea
  • vertigo
  • rashes
  • constipation
  • frequent urination
  • headaches
  • low levels of motivation.

With all of these in mind, let’s check out what to do before, during and after the detox to help our bodies adapt to the detox process and to see the best results.

Pre-detox —

Preparing your body for a detox is essential! We will look at what can happen if you don’t later, but first here some changes you can make before a detox. 


Three days before a full detox, a complete liquid diet, avoid certain foods and beverages such as:

  • dairy products
  • eggs (non-organic)
  • meat and chicken
  • cereals
  • fried foods
  • raw fish
  • processed foods, pasta, bread etc.
  • caffeine (not even maté)
  • alcohol
  • fizzy drinks.

And eat more:

  • nuts
  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • salads
  • quinoa
  • brown rice
  • honey (instead of sugar)
  • herbal tea.

Eat a raw diet one day before the detox so the body begins to adjust to the raw fruit and vegetables in the juices. 

I prepared a couple of days beforehand, I got headaches for an afternoon when I began cutting out all caffeine and processed foods from my diet. But once I started the detox I didn’t have a headache, just a little bit of nausea which could have been because I didn’t complete the full three-day prep.

I did the detox with Juan, who didn’t prepare. He went from a diet of alcohol, caffeine and fatty foods to a full liquid diet. During the day he had headaches and nausea and was unable to do anything but rest and sleep. That evening, after drinking juices all day, he had a sip of beer and vomited. He stopped the detox the next day.

It is important to prepare for the detox, if not, your body will get a shock and you’ll feel terrible.


You can exercise before and during the detox but low impact exercise such as yoga, walking, swimming. Listen to your body, if you don’t feel like you have the energy, don’t push yourself.

I did some yoga and went for walks in the park before, during and after the detox. It was easy to exercise during the detox and I had enough energy, but I wouldn’t have attempted any high impact exercise.


On the mornings leading up to and of the detox have a glass of natural water (not cooled) with a squeeze of lemon first thing before anything else. 

Then continue to drink two litres per day.

Water, glorious water

With 2.5 litres of juice and two litres of water a day you’ll be frequently urinating, but this is all part of flushing out unwanted toxins.

At the time of detox needed to do a 24-hour urine sample for some tests. I found out that in 24 hours I produced 4.8 litres of urine. It was a lot to have to carry to the clinic! But drinking large quantities of water helped to reduce any hunger I felt during the detox.


These should be avoided before, during and after the detox, including maté as a beverage on the no-go list (tough in Argentina where I’m completing the detox). 

Choose your timing for the detox, I did it over our last weekend before leaving Buenos Aires and had a lot of farewell get-together, I didn’t drink during the detox but had a little bit of alcohol before and after the detox. This didn’t seem to make much of a difference but it helped a lot to cut out what I could before and during the detox. I felt my energy levels become more stable.

The Detox —

It’s recommended to use cold-pressed juices, they hold on to all the nutrients in the juice by using a pressure method, instead of heating and cutting the fruit and veg.

The juices I drank were all natural, raw and free of any chemical processing. Each juice contained, on average, 1 kg of fruit and veg, without any additives, sugars or conservatives.

I drank five bottles during the day, every three hours for the full detox program. 

Orange glow — carrot, ginger, lemon, apple juice!

The juices I had were:

Green Flush — Celery, cucumber, apple, lemon, spinach

White Néctar — Almonds, dates, vanilla, honey, sea salt, filtered water

Golden Fire — Ginger, lemon, honey, turmeric

Orange Glow — Carrot, apple, lemon, ginger

Viva el Violeta — Beetroot, apple, lemon, ginger

Karkade Tea — Hibiscus tea, cinnamon, honey, lemon


I had a raw food diet for 3 days (one day before and two days of detox).

I started the detox on a Saturday — I was at first excited and energetic to start the day but by the afternoon I became foggy and lost motivation. I wouldn’t recommend having your first day of full detox on a working day.

By the second day, I was low on energy but I was feeling good and starting to see some of the benefits.

On Monday, after the detox, I felt great, I slowly started to eat raw foods and vegetables and had energy and focus all day long.

There were a few moments of hunger and irritability. By the second day, I became tired of drinking the same juices — but I didn’t miss any certain foods or have any cravings.


Post-detox —

Be gentle.

Continue with a diet similar to the pre-detox. Slowly introduce solids to your diet. Its normal not to want processed foods, refined sugars, caffeine or alcohol.

If you prepared yourself for the detox you should notice:

  • more radiant skin
  • higher levels of concentration
  • increased energy
  • a general feeling of wellbeing.

What did I personally experience after a two-day juice detox?

  • I was focused and productive, able to concentrate and find a good flow in my tasks
  • I didn’t have any cravings for food and wasn’t hungry straight away, therefore I could slowly introduce solids again
  • I went from 65.3kg to 63.2kg in 4 days, a two-kilo weight loss
  • I felt more positive and energetic.


Boost your vibe!

Boost your vibe —

I would recommend combining a detox with a relaxing weekend — with the correct preparation, after the first day or two, you’ll start to feel great and in a better mind frame to make healthier decisions. 

You’ll be able to return to your normal schedule with higher concentration and stable energy, feeling refreshed and ready for anything!