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Moving to Barceloneta.

Barcelona is a new life – set to start. My first few days were filled with anxiety. Anxiety as I arrived without mentally preparing for a language I am used to, but with so many differences. A new culture. An anxiety to get started… Continue Reading →

Travel: Is an Openness that Sometimes Slaps You in the Face

An impressionable feeling of unimportance creeps in after our latest episode. At the end of the day a feeling of disillusion is overcome by the experience it offers. This is a life, an experience, another view of the world. A… Continue Reading →

Kiwi Slang

Hey Bro! Thinking about my last year in New Zealand and all the new words that a ‘gaucho’ can learn, we decided to put some of them together for you, our dearest readers!   Kia Ora: Hi or Good luck! A… Continue Reading →

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